My name is Gergő Kenéz,

I did my GCSES on advanced level in biology and English language. After high school I continued my studies in Budapest as a remedial-, and sports massage therapist.

After successfully receiving my diploma, I applied for a job in the United Kingdom, so shortly I became a spa therapist in Champneys Health Resorts****, Tring. During the time I spent there I had the opportunity to learn a lot about wellness massages. After leaving Champneys, in order to continue my studies in massage therapy, I decided to move to Budapest, and soon got my qualification as a lymphotic and traditional thai masseur. After that I started working for Rudas bath. As it's a healthcare institution, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about medical massages. Since I am passionate about my job, whenever I have the chance, I go to extension courses to make sure I can treat my clients with the latest knowledge, and the most suitable techniques.