Deep tissue massage

During a deep tissue massage I apply a slow, firm pressure in order to release any muscle tension. The focus is on the deeper tissues of the tendons, muscle tissue and fascia. It's the best way to get rid of any knots and tension that might limit the healthy bloodflow. It helps to reduce inflammation and ease soreness and pain.

Relax massage

A massage focusing on relaxation and the tissues right under the skin. The gentle and slow technique, with the aromatherapy oil added to the base oil makes the whole treatment a nice relaxing experience. It helps to peel off any dead skin, enhances the blood flow in the skin and the lymphotic circulation. Especially recommended for those looking for relaxation and improve well-being.

Available aromatherapy oils: calming lavander, refreshing citrusbalm or cooling eucalyptus.

Sports massage

Similarly to the deep tissue massage, sports massage is also a powerful technique. The difference is the dynamics, the techniques used in sports massage specifically guarantee the mobilization of the stressed, massive muscles and the increase of metabolism. The muscle fever in the case of intensive workout can also be relieved, and the performance of various connective tissue techniques and passive strecthing/mobilisation built into the massage helps to improve performance.

I'm using grapeseed oil for this massage.

Lymphotic drainage

A special technique that increases the lymphotic circulation.

Lymph is a liquid that can be found in the body as a result of our circulation. In case of lack of moving, injuries or circulation problems the venous circulation may not be able to transport the fluids from inbetween the cells and tissues, which can cause the affected part oedemas. In this case this technique can help to get rid of them. It's a special soft tissue technique, since lyphotic transport takes places in the connective tissue right under the skin (F. Superficialis). As a result the oedema and the pain ceases, and helps the body to present a better immune function.

For this treatment, dosing is important, therefore it's only available for 60 minutes.

-oedema, feeling of heavy legs
-complementary treatment for detoxication/dieting

Cupping therapy

The benefits of cupping has been known for quite a long time in history. Back then, therapists used animal horns for this purpose, in which they heated the air before applying them on the skin. The vacuum was created as the air cooled down. Nowadays we use plastic/glass cups, making vacuum inside them with a special equipment.
It's effectiveness has been verified by various clinical researches. The vacuum pulles the skin, and the different tissues under the skin apart. This traction helps to relieve any adhesions, and locally increases the circulation and metabolism by 400%.

If necessary, it can be performed as a part of any massages.

Warning: the sucction causes bruises on the skin that usually heals within a couple of days.

Fascia Distrosion Model (FDM) therapy

Fascia Distorsion Model (FDM) is a not a massage technique, but a theorical model about the human fascia. It helps to understand, recognize and treat any injury/change in the connective tissues, which usually causes pain in the locomotor system, or joint immobilization. It is the most efficient way to treat such problems. Currently there are 6 different distorsions, which can be diagnosed by the problems of the clients. FDM is not available on its own, I'm using it as a part of the massage treatment, if neccessary.